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Ignoring the Obvious

Mark 8:31-38
If you had the power to rule the world for one day, what would you do?  I'm sure we've all had moments when we thought we could make the world a better place than it is currently.
And likewise in our own lives, how often have we thought or said if only things could be this way or that or that way.
If only we had been given the opportunity that went to someone else; if only things had worked out the way we planned. We all have some things that we wished we could have done better. 
We all have unfulfilled
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Saturday, 09 March 2019 19:00


Luke 8:26-39
We hear the expression, "He or she is lost." That means the person has no core or center and the person is without an identity. He or she is stripped of all their humanity. When life is shattered, hopes are dashed because of the circumstances of life. Sometimes through one's own fault or through no fault of theirs, this situation makes that person vulnerable, naked and exposed. This is the story of the man in the scripture for this week.
The Bible says he had no clothes, no identity, he had no home and he lived in the tombs. He was not dead but lived in the place of the dead. Even though we may not be able to identify with this picture, there are times we also lose our bearings in life, through loneliness, separation, and isolation. This is what happens when your life is in shambles.
Jesus steps into the land of the Legion, in today's gospel. Join us this week as we learn what Jesus did for this man who called himself Legion.
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Sunday, 24 March 2019 00:00

Redemption Story

We all love a comeback story. A redemption story, a story that ends well. Many of the movies we watch, and the books we read often have the theme of redemption woven in it. Redemption is the second chance we are all looking for. If you want to find a good book about redemption, look no further than the Bible. The Bible is the quintessential book about redemption and how God gives his children second chance after second chance because of what Jesus had done for us.

Redemption is part of our salvation but looks at it from a different perspective. Redemption focuses on the way in which our salvation was accomplished. Peter expresses 4 important truths that should motivate us to live our Christian life in faith and hope.

Join us this week as we reflect on this statement again.
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Song of the Week

Trading My Sorrows (YouTube Video)

by Darrell Evans

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