Saturday, 09 March 2019 19:00


Luke 8:26-39
We hear the expression, "He or she is lost." That means the person has no core or center and the person is without an identity. He or she is stripped of all their humanity. When life is shattered, hopes are dashed because of the circumstances of life. Sometimes through one's own fault or through no fault of theirs, this situation makes that person vulnerable, naked and exposed. This is the story of the man in the scripture for this week.
The Bible says he had no clothes, no identity, he had no home and he lived in the tombs. He was not dead but lived in the place of the dead. Even though we may not be able to identify with this picture, there are times we also lose our bearings in life, through loneliness, separation, and isolation. This is what happens when your life is in shambles.
Jesus steps into the land of the Legion, in today's gospel. Join us this week as we learn what Jesus did for this man who called himself Legion.

Song of the Week

How High and How Wide (YouTube Video)

by Mark Altrogge

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