Sunday, 16 September 2018 00:36

Life is Unfair

Matthew 20:1-16

Fairness is something we all want, so when we feel there is no balance in the equation in the way we are treated, we are often disturbed. Life is not fair is something we know is true, but when it is applied to us in the moment, then we seek equal treatment. Did someone cut in front of you in line? Did someone cut in front of you in traffic? Sometimes we feel we have followed the rules and regulations but then others who do not, get rewarded.

Unfair is when you are waiting to take a parking spot in front of you, then someone just pulls in and takes your spot, leaving you to go round and round looking for another spot. These are just simple examples, but there is more. People who have so much resources and people who have nothing at all.

In this passage, Jesus uses the parable of the owner of a vineyard who hires some workers at the start of the day. They agree on a set wage and put in their time. As the day goes on, he goes out at noon, three and five, and even at the eleventh hour to hire more workers. He agrees to pay them what is fair, but when they all went to get their pay slips, those who started in the morning and those who started at the eleventh hour realized they got the same amount.

Join us this week as we learn the lessons that God has for us. Human standards are different from God's standards.

Song of the Week

I'll Rise Again (YouTube Video)

by Dallas Holm

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