Saturday, 06 April 2019 11:34

Ignoring the Obvious

Mark 8:31-38
If you had the power to rule the world for one day, what would you do?  I'm sure we've all had moments when we thought we could make the world a better place than it is currently.
And likewise in our own lives, how often have we thought or said if only things could be this way or that or that way.
If only we had been given the opportunity that went to someone else; if only things had worked out the way we planned. We all have some things that we wished we could have done better. 
We all have unfulfilled
dreams and hopes. We feel our lives could have been so much better if what we wanted had actually happened. And yet truth be told, not all our ideas for the world or for ourselves would work the way we desire. Life can be complex and solutions don't always come easy. That is what happened to Peter in today's Gospel when Jesus declared that he would be arrested, tortured and killed on the cross and he would rise up on the third day. 
Peter did not want to hear it. This picture did not fit the way Peter thought things should work out. What Jesus was saying did not make sense. Peter did not want Jesus to go to the cross from his human standpointJesus continued by saying anyone who wants to follow him must take up a cross and follow him. Jesus meant the cross in a literal and metaphorical way. He carried His cross through the streets of Jerusalem to Calvary
We too have our own crosses to bear. It may be an illness, unemployment, family problems, financial problems, you name it. The way we see things is not the way God sees it. Our understanding of the whole picture is very limited. 
Join us this week as we examine our own experiences just like Peter.

Song of the Week

How High and How Wide (YouTube Video)

by Mark Altrogge

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