Hebrews 11:1-3

The book of Hebrews repeatedly uses the word "better" to show the superiority of Jesus. It says Christ is better than the angels, He brought a better hope because He is the advocate of a better covenant, which is established on better promises. In the Old Testament God often spoke to his people through His prophets. This was incomplete until Jesus burst onto the scene.
Join us this week as we examine God's final revelation in His Son and the message that God has spoken by His Son.
Saturday, 01 December 2018 15:04

Advent Series Pt1 - The Miracle of the Moment

Galatians 4:4-7

This year our theme for Christmas is "The Miracle of Christmas" and for the next four Sundays of Advent, we will explore what the season means for us. Galatians chapter 4 says that "At the fullness of time, God sent His Son." We have often heard that timing is everything. Paul says Jesus came at the right time. The birth of Christ was not just a happenstance or coincidence. God planned it and executed it. Many people at the time did not recognize the significance of Christ's birth at the time, but some did.
Join us this week as we examine how God intervenes in human history at the right moment.
Sunday, 07 October 2018 22:36

The Love of the King

Romans 5:1-8

The whole Bible is a love story. The central message in the Bible is that God loves us. One of the famous scriptures in the Bible, John 3:16, declares that, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever should believe on Him, should not perish but have eternal life."
In other words, every human being, whether he or she knows it, wants to hear it, or not, God loves you and loves the whole world.
This week we will look at the subject of the love of God. There is nothing like the love of God. It is an amazing thing to experience it. In our passage, Paul said this love was demonstrated at the Cross of Calvary.
Join us this week as we explore how God shows His love for us on the cross.
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 18:45


Matthew 18:21-35 do you do it? How can we find the way to forgive when we've been hurt so badly? How can we find a way to forgive when we've been scarred, damaged by someone? And how can we find a way to forgive when someone commits a heinous or unspeakable crime against us. And how do we keep on forgiving if the person continues to hurt us? These are not only tough questions but they are important questions for all of us as Christians to consider.
This week we will continue our journey through the Gospel of Matthew, by looking at the subject of forgiveness. In this passage, Peter comes to Jesus and asks the question, "How many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?" Peter was not only asking the question, he was also saying what he thought was a generous gesture to forgive someone not just once or twice, but up to seven times. Jesus answers Peter, "Not seven times, but seventy-seven times."
Join us this week as we delve deeper into this subject by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Sunday, 16 September 2018 00:36

Life is Unfair

Matthew 20:1-16

Fairness is something we all want, so when we feel there is no balance in the equation in the way we are treated, we are often disturbed. Life is not fair is something we know is true, but when it is applied to us in the moment, then we seek equal treatment. Did someone cut in front of you in line? Did someone cut in front of you in traffic? Sometimes we feel we have followed the rules and regulations but then others who do not, get rewarded.

Unfair is when you are waiting to take a parking spot in front of you, then someone just pulls in and takes your spot, leaving you to go round and round looking for another spot. These are just simple examples, but there is more. People who have so much resources and people who have nothing at all.

In this passage, Jesus uses the parable of the owner of a vineyard who hires some workers at the start of the day. They agree on a set wage and put in their time. As the day goes on, he goes out at noon, three and five, and even at the eleventh hour to hire more workers. He agrees to pay them what is fair, but when they all went to get their pay slips, those who started in the morning and those who started at the eleventh hour realized they got the same amount.

Join us this week as we learn the lessons that God has for us. Human standards are different from God's standards.

Sunday, 01 April 2018 00:27

A Wonderful Time

1 Corinthians 15:3-23

"Christ is Risen!"

We make this declaration every year during Easter. But what does it mean? What difference does it make? How is this story about a man named Jesus who was crucified, dead, and buried, and then came back to life, important today? The church in Corinth had similar thoughts and questions. Some of them asked the "so what" question. That is why Paul had to answer their question and also give them the implication of the resurrection for their lives and faith.

The resurrection is key, it is essential to all we do as Christians.
So join us this Easter Sunday as we examine why the resurrection is vital to our life and faith. You don't want to miss it!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018 17:43

Time to Remember

Matthew 21:1-11

Do you remember your favorite stories when you were young? Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Green Eggs & Ham...? Our son Sammy likes Just Go To Bed, Green Eggs & Ham, The Best Nest, and Mr. Tickle. Before he goes to bed we have to read some of them one more time. What is it about children and reading their favorite stories night after night? Parents all over the world are sure the story has been read enough but the children know better. They want it read one more time, before they go to bed.

Friday, 16 March 2018 19:20

Time to Learn

1 Cor. 10:11-13

Some of us find it difficult not only to move on from our sorrows but also from our mistakes. However, if we are not careful, the mistakes of the past can hang around our necks and feet like chains, which hinders our progress. There is a tendency to think that we may never succeed again because we failed in the past. Learning the lessons of life from our failures, mistakes, and missteps is a common theme in Scripture, from the Old Testament into the New Testament.

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