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September 2018

Message from the Pastor

Ecclesiastes 3 says, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven; a time to be born, and a time to die. A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted.” As humans we often take for granted the cycle of life. God’s creation is filled with beauty and wonder. How the universe works is a wonder. Everything is interconnected: plants, animals, seas, the eco system, seasons, weather and the galaxies.

Many times we are not aware of the changing seasons of life and how time passes and changes. We fall into a routine each day and feel we are masters of our own universe. God gives us time and seasons to measure or evaluate our lives. The animals, plants and weather are all part of it. The changing seasons give us a rhythm of life. Seasons display God’s cycle of life: birth, death and new birth.

The month of September begins another season for many of us. It is a time for students to go back to school. Summer is almost over, the long days of freedom, the pool, the beach, the trips, barbecues, family reunions, no homework, and the season of fun is over. Things around us begin to ramp up. The retail stores

begin to get into gear pushing items for us to buy for our kids as they return to school.

Things also begin to ramp up for me as a pastor and for the church as a whole. We say to ourselves, “Let’s get back to church!” We, as a church, are putting so many things into gear. Our preschool is getting ready for kids to return. The chancel choir and bell choirs are tuning up. The praise team is getting ready. We are planning a Fall Book Study. Our Ministry Minutes begin again in September. This year we have kids getting ready for confirmation class and many new and exciting events on the horizon.

Each ending is a new beginning. This is what the changing seasons of life is all about. God gives us this beautiful cycle to enjoy time and again in our own lives, the lives of our loved ones and in the life of the church. I feel very excited about the new things that are coming up here in Mt. Pocono United Methodist Church. I hope and pray you are excited as well and will be part of it in your own small way. God’s new creation is a force of transformation working in our lives, in our community, and in the whole of creation.

In God’s beautiful creation, nothing is wasted or lost. Everything is recycled. The Apostle Paul says, “If anyone is in Christ old things have passed away, all things have become new.” So in Christ, old ways are made new, old hearts are made new, old attitudes are made new, old habits are made new, and in creation even old leaves are made new. Every day God creates new things and the Scriptures say his mercies are new every morning and new every day. Hence, new things will be happening and we have to expect it.

So what new things are happening in your life or what new things are you expecting? We know that new things will be happening in our congregation and we as a church should expect it, for a new season is upon us. It is a season filled with joy and wonder. So fasten your seat belt and get ready for take off!

It is my privilege to be part of what God is going to do as we begin another season and get ready for the ride.

In His peace and love,

Pastor Kofi

Song of the Week

I'll Rise Again (YouTube Video)

by Dallas Holm

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