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October 2018

Message from the Pastor

Commitment Sunday: I Belong!

Many years ago people in various communities had a relationship to the church in their neighborhood. In those days people were proud to belong to their church. The church and the schools were the nerve centers of the community. You went to church, you belonged to a church, and that is what you did.

To say we belong to something—a community, a church—means the place is important to us. It is the same with our families as well. The idea of belonging to something means that that thing gives us a sense of purpose. Our congregation has been a community for many people for many years. This year is the church’s 132nd anniversary. Through the years, many of us have had a part to play. So many people over the years—what the Bible calls “a great cloud of witnesses”—have played their part to make this church a community where people can belong. Some of us were baptized here, went to Sunday school here, were confirmed here, went to youth group, and were married here. For some of us our parents were married here and our kids were married here and their kids were baptized here and so on.

It was a great occasion when the entire family gathered for worship on Christmas or Easter. For some of us this congregation has been

the community that provided a place of refuge during our times of sorrow and joy. The church was the community that surrounded us with love and allowed us to experience the presence of God. Through the years many of us, young and old, who belonged to Mt. Pocono United Methodist Church did their part to make it a community. We have given our prayers, our time, our talents, our treasures and our service, supporting the work that goes on within and outside its walls.

Once again we begin another year where our efforts will be needed to continue to build this community. As a place to which we belong we have to continue to invest in the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been so blessed by the support we receive from all our friends and members of this place to which we all belong. So this year our Commitment Sunday will be November 4th. This is the day we pledge our support to invest in the work of our Lord Jesus. We hope and pray that since we belong here we will continue to invest in its future in 2019.

So please throughout the year prayerfully consider how you will continue to help build this place as a community of love, spiritual fellowship, mission and outreach to our local community and the world. To build this church as a place where children will continue to be baptized, confirmed, and given a Christian education. To continue to build a place where the word of God is preached, where hymns are sung and where we would continue to gather for worship with our friends and family, not only during the holidays, but every Sunday and the special week days.

As a pastor I want to thank you ahead of time and pray that this community that we have built over the years will continue to flourish and prosper as the years go by. May God bless and provide abundance so we can all be instruments of His work, building His Kingdom here on Earth

In His peace and love,

Pastor Kofi

Song of the Week

Here I Am Lord (YouTube Video)


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