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May 2019

Message from the Pastor

My Dear Friends,

The month of May brings with it great excitement for all of us. The weather begins to warm up, birds are flying around, and the air is getting fresh and crisp. Those of us who like working outside and digging in the dirt by way of gardening begin to prepare to plant our crops. In general, we all look forward to exciting plans for the summer.

Spring is finally here and we can’t help but notice the new life bursting forth all around us. New life seems to come just around Easter each year. We celebrate with the lilies, tulips, hyacinths, and all the trees begin to blossom again.

Christ has risen and continues to give new life to all of us, not only humans, but to all creation including the plants and animals. He is raised to heal the sick, help those who are struggling. He is raised to help the addict recover and heal those living with pain and to find strength and relief.

Jesus did not only rise from the dead but the scriptures say he ascended into heaven and is seated on the right hand of God the Father. In this Christian calendar

the Ascension of the Lord falls on May 30th. Jesus is now the Lord of Heaven and Earth and he is actively calling us to reach our neighbors and friends with the message of his resurrection, which is the Gospel of hope and faith. Jesus ascended so that he can provide us with the power to overcome the challenges we face every day.

The Ascension of Christ also gives us access to God’s throne of mercy. Since Jesus ascended into heaven we can all draw near to that throne of grace so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in our time of need.

The ascension of Christ into heaven keeps us focused on the work of Christ. We keep our lamps trimmed and our flames burning waiting for his return. At Jesus’ ascension the two angels declared: “This Jesus who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go to heaven.” (Acts 1:11) The ascension reminds us that Jesus will return to earth to establish his Kingdom and put his enemies under his feet once and for all, according to 1 Corinthians 15:24-27.

The fact is Jesus ascended into heaven but at the appointed time he will descend onto Earth again and when he does everything will change. Death will give way to life, darkness will give way to light, sorrow will give way to joy, despair will give way to hope.

As people of Easter living with the power of the resurrection, let us keep fighting the good fight. We should not get tired in doing good, for the Bible says at the due time we will all receive our reward.

Have a great spring for Christ is raised and He has ascended into heaven and seated in a place of honor, power and glory. Amen.

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Kofi

Song of the Week

Jesu Jesu (YouTube Video)

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