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March 2018

Message from the Pastor

Dear Friends:

Spring is in the air. It’s March and we are marching into spring. In March the air seems to be fresh and it’s wonderful to open the windows and let the fresh air fill the house. I like to take my walks around this time. When I get the opportunity to go out I enjoy places that have outdoor seating on a patio or deck. With the weather we have had this winter I think we are all ready for spring. Spring is also beautiful because we get to enjoy fresh flowers blooming in our gardens. All these flowers add bright colors to God’s beautiful Creation. Furthermore, spring is a season that marks a fresh start. It is a fresh start when God gives each and every one another spring in our steps. With sports we have spring training for baseball and other athletes starting training for track and marathons.

Spring by its very nature tells us that we have another opportunity to get rid of the old and get on with the new. We do this with our wardrobe and around the house and in our environment. We all have some spring-cleaning to do, putting away our thick sweaters and boots from winter and getting out some open-toe shoes for the spring. Our children look forward to new Easter clothes for Church.

It is also a time for spiritual-cleaning as well. We all have to examine where we are in our faith journey during Lent as we march forward to Holy Week and Easter. For us Christians, this period has great significance for our faith. We all have choices to make in our daily lives and in our spiritual lives as well, and spring is a time to reset our priorities.

In Ephesians 4:20-24, Paul encourages the Ephesians with the idea to “put off” the old ways of thinking and “put on” the new ways of Christ. Paul says the old self is corrupt and deceitful and must be put off. This requires a new attitude and a new way of thinking. It requires us to allow the Holy Spirit to help us renew our minds. While this is a lifelong process we should keep doing it. We should see a different attitude in us from who we were before we came to Christ and who we are now in Christ. Spring gives us an opportunity to clean up and look good not only in the way we look outwardly, but in the way we live. We, and our children, all like to look good and feel good from time to time, especially on special occasions, such as Easter.

Let us put on the new attitude marching forward as God gives us each one of us a new spring in our steps. May the new spring help us to march forward in truth, love, and hope.

Wishing You a Happy Spring!

Pastor Kofi Ashley

Song of the Week

Be Thou My Vision (YouTube Video)

by Nathan Pacheco

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