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March 2017

Message from the Pastor

Dear Friends:

The Season of Lent is upon us again. Lent is the season of forty days, not counting Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. It is a time during which we remember when Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights in the wilderness. Lent is a time of repentance, fasting, and preparation for Easter.

It is also a time of self-reflection and spiritual examination. During the Season of Lent Christians are called upon to give up something for Lent. It is a way for all of us to learn to live without some of the comforts of life as we draw closer to God. So, many Christians fast during Lent. Fasting is a spiritual practice of giving up food or any other basic necessities like money to support good causes.

Here in our church we use our Lenten Folders, which allow us to save up some funds during Lent to help the church continue its ministry to the poor and needy in our society. It helps us to see how blessed we are and allow God to bless other people through our kind and generous acts.

Nowadays we not only give up something for Lent but we take something up for Lent. This is a reminder for us to go back and engage in the spiritual disciplines that have fallen by the wayside. We are encouraged to take up spiritual disciplines such as daily prayer and devotion, Bible reading and a genuine activity such as volunteering in the church or community. It is also a time for those who are not active in the church to return to weekly worship and fellowship.

Here in our church there are many opportunities to engage in some of these spiritual disciplines. We will continue our Lenten Book Study, “The Story” and a Lenten Prayer at the Church every Monday starting on March 6th at 7pm. Folks can also join us on Wednesday evenings in any one of Cluster of United Methodist Churches on the mountain for worship and fellowship.

The schedule is provided in your newsletter and starts on Ash Wednesday (March 1st) at the Canadensis United Methodist Church. We are all urged to take something up or let go of something, not to gain special favor with God or earn more “Brownie points,” but we are to do these in order to create a new space in our lives for the Holy Spirit to work. Many times we all get busy and our lives become cluttered so much so that the important things are moved to the back burner. We tend to squeeze out things like prayer, Bible Study, weekly worship, giving and serving one another. We forget to do the simple important things like spending time with God, our friends, and family. That is why Lent provides us an opportunity to open our lives to the power of the Holy Spirit by doing all the things that nurture our faith.

Our spirits can be refreshed and renewed if we use our time on Facebook and other social media to share our reflections on scripture and the Word of God. We should live a life of gratitude and generosity, putting the love of Christ front and center in everything we do. We should remember to pray for another, and be there to help those who need help physically, and spiritually as we feed our lives in the same way.

I hope and pray through the practice of these simple steps we will all be renewed and reenergized in profound ways. Remember to give up something and take something up this Lent. May God fill us with joy, peace, and love as our lives are enriched by the power of God.

In Christ’s name, Amen.

Pastor Kofi Ashley


Song of the Week

Be Thou My Vision (YouTube Video)

by Nathan Pacheco

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