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June 2018

Message from the Pastor

Dear Friends:

It is summertime and there’s love and joy in the air. Taking time for some “R and R” is in order after a very harsh winter. For those of us who live here in the Poconos, the changing of the seasons is wonderful to enjoy. However, we would rather forget the harsh winters we have had. As a result, we could not wait for spring to appear, which seemed to take forever.

As human beings, one of the constant complaints we have is about the weather, and interestingly enough, that is one thing we have no control over. In our winter months we hear folks say, “I am fed up with the cold and the snow,” and when summer fills the air we hear folks say, “It’s too hot.”

I know many of us plan a summer vacation. Summer is a time to get away, a time to rest. In my experience I have come to realize that sometimes getting away can even be more strenuous than staying home. Those who drive may have gotten lost despite relying heavily on their GPS. Those who fly may have missed their flight or the flight may have been canceled due to some weather-related issues. Then comes the part of getting through security, which these days, is filled with a lot of hassle and not fun at all.

In spite of all these hassles, psychologists say that it is still a good thing to get away from the routines to relax and recharge. Going away or changing your environment gives you a fresh perspective on life.

God also wants His children to rest and rejuvenate. The scriptures teach us that God rested after completing creation (Genesis 2:2-3). In the Ten Commandments, God commanded the Israelites to observe a day of rest called the Sabbath. Rest is different from recreation. Sometimes all we need is rest and not recreation. Sometimes we need to do something pleasurable as a spice of life.

Here are a few ways folks can enjoy the summer: spend time outdoors, take time to catch up on your reading especially novels. Spend time with friends and, more importantly, spend quality time with your family.

Also, remember to continue to get spiritually connected even as the summer rolls along. From this advice I hope you will take time do some of the activities listed above, especially spending time with friends and family and connecting to God spiritually even in the mundane things of life. If you plan to travel be sure to attend services wherever you are and bring back a worship bulletin or something special about the service you attended to share with me and let me know how I can learn from what God is doing in other places of worship.

I wish you and yours a most blessed summertime. Wishing you God’s peace and love.

In Christ,

Pastor Kofi Ashley

Song of the Week

I'll Rise Again (YouTube Video)

by Dallas Holm

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