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July 2018

Message from the Pastor

Last Month I once again travelled to Ghana to do another Education and Health Mission on behalf of our district. This year the mission was supported by the North District of the Eastern PA Conference and four United Methodist Churches: Mt. Pocono, Canadensis, Covenant and Hopewell. Every year we receive a grant from the Eastern PA Conference and funds raised by churches allow us to transform lives of many people in that part of the world. So far we have built over 400 desks for four schools, established a library and shipped many school supplies to these schools. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our Ghana missions.

Also last year we started our computer mission, bringing some of the schools into the digital age. Many of these schools, we realized, are supposed to learn about technology using computers but have no computers in their schools. So last year the District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Cotto traveled with me on the mission and donated four laptop computers to two schools: Hampstead Academy and Blessed Assurance School.

While on the trip, we targeted Hampstead for our next mission to establish a computer lab where kids in the neighborhood could come and use computers as part of their education.

This year we were able to establish the computer lab and donated five desktop computers to the Hampstead Academy School. The children in the school had computers and were thrilled to use them for the first time as part of their education.

In addition, we shipped backpacks filled with schools supplies via the Newark Port and distributed the educational supplies to over 300 students. The students were happy and grateful for this kind gesture. The funny story is that when some of the kids took their new backpack with school supplies home their parents returned them to the school the next day thinking the kids might have stolen them. The manager of the school then told them that they did not steal the backpacks and that they were donated to the kids and they were free to keep them. The parents were hoping to meet me and thank me personally. It was wonderful to hear the gratitude in the voice of the teachers and parents and realized a small act of kindness goes a long way.

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