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April 2018

Message from the Pastor

Dear Friends:

Good Friday is as important as Easter. This is because we cannot have the resurrection without death. Good Friday is when we remember the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. A death that brings life to all who believe! Good Friday is “good” because it is followed by Easter Sunday.

Easter is when we experience life in the midst of death. In our society today, we see a lot of suffering each day around the world. We see people who are hurting and a world broken into many pieces. Lives that have been broken by addictions, broken marriages, broken bodies due to illness, lives broken by loss, anxiety and depression. However Good Friday and the Easter Story bring us hope. The hope for those who believe in Jesus, in his death and resurrection, is a story of hope and victory.

Jesus entered our world of suffering to bring us relief. Jesus entered our world of darkness to bring us light. Jesus entered into our death to bring us life. In the Garden of Gethsemane even though Jesus did not want to go through the pain and suffering, he said, “Not my will but your will be done.” He knew he had to give his life for us so we could have eternal life. He sacrificed his life for our salvation. Going on to the cross was a wonderful gift of love.

So, as we reflect on this Good Friday, we should remember what makes it “Good.” Easter is what makes Good Friday “Good” for all of us. It is the victory of life over death. As we celebrate this time of year, may we see God’s grace and mercy toward us in a new way. And may we accept this wonderful gift of love into our hearts, not just for a season but to live as Easter People, to live like people who have been transformed by the power of His death and resurrection.

May the resurrection power be with us now and always!


Pastor Kofi Ashley

Song of the Week

Be Thou My Vision (YouTube Video)

by Nathan Pacheco

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