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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 19:08

New Digital Projector needed!

Our current projectors that show song lyrics, pictures, and videos on our Contemporary Worship screen are worn out and no longer work efficiently after 15 years. We have to replace them. So far we have obtained a price quote and are looking to select the best value for the price that provides for our technical needs. Our cost estimate is $13,500 including two laser projectors, two input presentation, a distribution amplifier, cable hardware, and installation.

Because we project a wide image with two screens in the Covenant Hall during worship, a digital projector for that service requires a commercial unit that throws a bright image on 55 feet forward to an 8 foot wide screen.

The further away and the wider the image the dimmer the brightness of the image that appears on the screen. To be able to accommodate this, as with our current projectors, we need a unit that produces a strong bright light. Technology has improved over the years so our words and images should appear brighter than what we have right now. To compound this situation the projectors we have right now are on their last leg. They break down from time to time and Dave King has to send them to Kansas to have them repaired and it takes 3 months to get them back. The person who repairs them has said he is having a hard time repairing them lately because the parts are scarce, so they need to be replaced.

The good news is that we have received 5000 dollars from George Walker Trust from the Lehigh Valley foundation. We also have 2000 dollars that can be matched, and another 104 dollars raised by the VBS class, and another donation of 500. So we are half way there. By the way, the projector in the Covenant Hall is not only used for Worship on Sundays. It is used for Vacation Bible School and other church events like showing pictures when we celebrate wedding anniversaries of our members. We show mission events and events like our journey to Israel, which was great. We also use that room and use the projector when we have community events during the year. Last year we hosted the Homeless Summit for Monroe County and the presenters had PowerPoint slides to share with the audience. So this is a very important and urgent need for our church.

We are asking everyone to pray about this need, that our congregation will raise the rest of the funds required to cover the cost. Everyone can help in some way to help replace these old projectors. Last Sunday our children who had enjoyed a wonderful VBS wanted to share what they learned with the congregation but the projectors did not work. Our children need this to learn about God, our Church needs this worship the Lord, our congregation needs this for our spiritual growth and fellowship, and our community needs it when we are called upon to lend our space for such Community Events.

If you would like to contribute in any way by helping to raise funds or if you would like to contribute funds toward it, you can write a check to “Mt. Pocono UMC” with “Projector” in the memo line. You can give cash in an envelope with a designation “Projector” on the envelope. You can give through the automatic withdrawal and notifying the church about your contribution to the projector. You can also give online through our church website through our PayPal Account.

We want to thank everyone in advance for their prayers and willingness to contribute toward these projectors. We appreciate all your help and support.

God richly bless you,
Pastor Kofi

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