KDO Events

Look what’s coming up!

Summer Camp!

Summer fun is in store for children ages 3 – 12 from May until August! Choose from four different options for funs and learning; Day Camp, Learning Camp, STEM Camp, or Tutoring. Water fun days, picnics, walk to the park and movies, cooking, arts and crafts, STEM activities, handwriting, reading, and math tutoring. (570) 839-1646, kdops@ptd.net.

Enroll for Preschool and Before and After School Programs!

It’s time to enroll your child for a great Preschool experience! Come in for a tour and see what we’re up to! School starts after Labor Day! (570) 839-1646, kdops@ptd.net.

Spring Concert and Art Show

Every year in April in the evening. The children and teachers prepare a great program and beautiful art work!

Field Day

Family Field Day at the Crayola Factory!


The children will sing and cross over the bridge to Kindergarten. Join us for this special milestone event in May!

Valentine’s Parties

Celebrating Friendship is what it’s all about. Check your class sign up sheets for what to bring.

Stone Soup

The children will all help make the soup and enjoy it together as we bring the classic tale of “Stone Soup” to life. Our favorite story teller, Ms. Marilyn will entertain us with the story of Johnny Appleseed after our lunch together.