At Mount Pocono United Methodist Church, we believe that God is working among us. We encounter some interesting people here, as well! As a diverse body, we experience God in different ways. Through conversation with each other and in prayer. In worship and in study. Through helping others and through music. In laughter and in grieving. In pre-school programs and in the stories of our senior citizens. Through personal reflection and through social programs. God is at work as we uphold dignity and care for the earth.

Are you wondering if there is more to life than day-to-day routine? Are you looking for more in church than rules and doctrines? Come and see. Meet our people. Encounter God.

We Are Diverse

In The United Methodist Church, we embrace diversity. We acknowledge that no two families are alike; people’s life experiences vary; and, God speaks to us in different ways. It is not our goal to make everyone the same, but to grow from the richness of our diversity! That’s one reason that we have three styles of worship each Sunday morning at Mount Pocono United Methodist Church.

Part of our diversity involves reading Scripture in context, and critically, rather than literally. The Bible is the record of humanity’s dialog with the divine. It is a dynamic, living Word! And, though historic creeds can be found in our hymn book, we do not insist on adherence to prescribed statements of faith. John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, said, “Think and let think!”

We Are Connectional

The United Methodist Church is world-wide. We are the second largest Protestant denomination in the United States. None of our churches exists in a vacuum. Mount Pocono United Methodist Church is part of a system that includes other congregations, boards, and agencies, dedicated to making disciples, to disaster relief, and to social justice.

Just as our churches do not exist in isolation, we believe that there are no solitary Christians. We are a community of faith, practicing love and forgiveness. By nature, we are connected to each other.

We Are All Seekers

No one corners the market on spiritual truth. We come together for nurture, outreach, and witness. We do things as a body, to know God better, in the midst of a world that is filled with competing values and messages.

We invite you to come and meet us! Whether you’re here for worship, Vacation Bible School, Family Promise, a Bible study, our “Kids’ Day Out” preschool program, or any other experience, we pray that you will feel God’s presence.

Song of the Week

Jesu Jesu (YouTube Video)

Quick Information

The Mt. Pocono United Methodist Church falls under the North PA District (Eastern PA Conference) of the United Methodist Church

Read more about our connectional beliefs.

Hall Rentals

The Church has different rooms available for renting to groups and organizations for events such as weddings, meetings, etc.  Please contact the church office for more information and availability.